Fire, Ice and Sand

Jeremiah and I have both commented before about the various recurring environment conditions in Runebound and Arkham Horror, both from Fantasy Flight Games. Although I have many cards from all the expansions I own (described in a future posting), there are certain distinctive Bad Things that always seem to happen.

Take Runebound, for example. No matter what we do, the forests are always on fire at some point of the game. There are a lot of forests in the land, let me tell you, and we are reminded of that every time this card appears.

In Arkham Horror, there are equally charming conditions, but at the other end of the temperature spectrum. It would take a pretty cold day to slow down those beasties. Naturally, Arkham is eager to oblige, in spades.

The Egyptian expansion added the wonderful sandstorm to Arkham, Massachusetts, and so the "Against all reason..." on the card took on a whole new meaning when one game went from ice to sand in two turns.

And, of course, we can't forget those careless picnickers.