Sep 2013

Another Classic Makes the Table

Tonight we brought another couple of classics back to the table. Union Pacific is long out of print, having been superseded by Airlines Europe. Still, it has a great set of mechanics and can be a very tense game. This is especially true when the final scoring round happened one turn too soon, and almost immediately after the second last scoring round. As it is, I would have won (surely you believe me, dear reader)!

As it was, I ended up in last place, but had a great deal of fun with this game.


After that we played a few rounds of Die Sieben Siegel, a wonderful trick taking game with some neat features. It has come to the table so many times that I’ve had to sleeve the cards. Sadly, the version I like is out of print and the current version has such terrible artwork that I refuse to play the new one. Yes, it;s that bad. Nevertheless, here is another great game that doesn’t come to the table often enough.

But tonight both games were back!

A New Steam Board

Tonight we tried out the three player Japan board for Steam, one of my favourite train games.

It was an extremely challenging board but it reminded me how much I like Steam. This definitely needs to get to the table more often.