Caylubration 2011

This week is Caylubration 2, the second annual organization of play Caylus week. Ryan Sturm from the How To Play podcast has once again promoted this week to play the great board game Caylus, published by Ystari Games.

Since our board game group is playing this week, it seemed a great time to pull out Caylus and give it a try again.

Jeremiah, Craig and Jason all studied up by listening to Sturm’s How to Win at Caylus podcast. Steve any myself didn’t have a chance to listen to it before the game. It seemed to give them an edge because they were in the top three places, with Jeremiah winning Caylus for the first time.

Here’s a picture of the board near the end of the game.

This game was quite different from the others we’ve played. The score was much higher and we had many more prestige buildings out than any of the other times we’ve played. Resources were also very scarce, making each turn tense. The game was a challenge up to the last turn. Even though I didn’t come close to winning I had a great time.

I recommend that you give Caylus a try if you’ve never played it. Caylubration is certainly a great week to give it a go. Caylubration runs from May 16-22, 2011.